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The prize for the global version of the Xiaomi Mi 11 even before the performance. You probably won't like it

More than a month has passed since the official introduction of the first smartphone from the flagship series on the Chinese domestic market, Xiaomi Mi 11. Chinese price relations are always more pleasant than European ones, and now we have finally confirmed this. Lots of Xiaomi fans already…

Rainbow alkaline batteries from Xiaomi to 10 pcs in the package cost very little thanks to a significant discount

Xiaomi regularly adds a bunch of products to its portfolio. From safety cameras, smart vacuum cleaners, through food processors to heated jackets. Classic alkaline batteries, which have been on the market for a long time, have also found a place in a huge number of products. Now, however,…

Xiaomi celebrates 6 million Mi 8 units sold: Launched prices for all versions. Will it affect our prices?

This year's flagship of the Chinese "Apple", Xiaomi Mi 8, was eagerly awaited by many fans from all over the world, and in May of this year we all met it. It's October and Xiaomi is celebrating a huge milestone. The manufacturer proudly announced that it sold amazing…




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