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Coupon in CZ warehouse: The improved Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Formaldehyde Filter S1 removes a dangerous substance that we don't even know about

In this article, we bring an excellent discount for owners of Xiaomi air purifiers. If you are the owner of such a device, you surely know that the filter needs to be replaced every six months. One of our Chinese partners now carries the filter at a great price. Available in EU…

Discount from €249 to €199 at the SK dealer! Top Viomi Smart Air Purifier Pro air purifier with UV disinfection and mosquito killer

In addition to smartphones, Xiaomi also produces interesting smart home products. The air purifier Viomi Smart Air Purifier Pro will get rid of unwanted particles in your home and thanks to it you will breathe cleaner and healthier air. Viomi Smart Air Purifier Pro on sale…




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