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Latest Coupon: Xiaomi MITU Racing Car is a great RC car kit with 900+ parts and app control

Maybe Xiaomi has caught products in the toy segment long ago. Here they cooperate with the MITU brand and their toys are mostly foldable and this RC sports car is no exception. Once folded, you can control it with your smartphone and have fun…

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC drone has an HD camera, control via smartphone and arrived in the CZ warehouse for the price of only 40 €

We all love toys, big and small, especially if they bring us a lot of fun for little money. Drones are clearly a very fun toy. All the more so if it is a cheap and durable piece suitable for everyone. Xiaomi comes with cheap MITU Mini RC…

The famous Xiaomi Mitu mascot comes in a special edition. It is made of smartphone parts

Xiaomi has its likeable mascot named Mitu. This friendly pet has not only become a symbol of the brand itself, but it has also become popular with fans of the Chinese manufacturer. Now it comes made from the internal components of Xiaomi smartphones. Made of internal components…




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