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Redmi Note 7 is the most popular smartphone of Slovaks and Czechs. These are the best prices on the market

The most famous seller of Chinese electronics, Gearbest, has recently been very pleasantly surprised by the lowest prices of popular Xiaomi smartphones. In addition to discounts on the flagship Mi 9, the compact Mi 9 SE or the Mi 9T model, it also drew coupons for the requested Redmi Note 7. Especially…

When China Copies China: The Redmi Note 7 imitation has a triple camera and costs only € 45

A paradox that is really happening. Lesser-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Ulefone recently introduced its new model, which is inspired not only by the name but also by the design of the very popular Redmi Note 7 from Xiaomi. Specifications are miles from the original, but the price…

Redmi Note 7 will also be available in our 128 GB version. We are the first to know the exact prices of all versions

After a long wait, he is finally here. The highly anticipated Redmi Note 7 was officially introduced for Europe today. It happened in Madrid, Spain, where it is already available for purchase. However, we found out the prices and start dates of the sale…




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