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Xiaomi Deerma steam iron will iron your clothes anywhere. In CZ stock for a record 21 €

Deerma offers a number of household aids in its segment. These include this Xiaomi Deerma Steam Iron, with which you can align your clothes from any angle and almost anywhere. Great price in Czech stock If you would expect such a device…

Xiaomi comes with a really cheap price Mijia steam iron. It has a sterilization function and costs only 13 euros

Even during the pandemic, Xiaomi brings a regular dose of new products. One of them is the new Xiaomi Mijia a low-cost steam iron that was introduced through a crowdfunding campaign. Premiere for Mijia The new iron is the first ironing product to come…

What Xiaomi # 5 is doing: Telescope for smartphone, steam iron and smart water purifier

The next week went by like water and after a week's break we are back with a new part of the regular series What Xiaomi is Doing. In addition to introducing 20 "new" products, he also came up with others that we haven't had time to introduce to you yet. Even more…




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