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New smart T-shirt Xiaomi Mijia Cardiogram T-shirt with ECG measurement is already in advance with the first coupon

Xiaomi offers a real range of intelligent products in its portfolio. After the new one, they bring a new smart t-shirt with the Xiaomi name Mijia Cardiogram T-shirt, which offers a belt with measuring your ECG. Already in advance Only shortly after the launch of the new…

Xiaomi RunMi 90 Points is a new durable antibacterial t-shirt. Its price will surprise you

The diversity of Xiaomi's product portfolio has no limits. However, the novelty, which was created in cooperation with the RunMi 90 Points brand, will also convince you of any choice. This company stands for well-known and high-quality suitcases, sports sneakers, or just various clothes. In today's article…

Intelligent T-shirt from Xiaomi has built-in pulse sensor and Bluetooth. It stands like regular sports shirts

Another in a series of non-traditional products from the crowdfunding platform YouPin, which looks like it came from cyberpunk: the intelligent Xiaomi Zenph sports t-shirt with a heart rate sensor! Xiaomi works with Shenzhen Morning Wind Technology on it and it looks really interesting. T-shirt with sensor…




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