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Practical Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver has a beautiful design, 12 extensions and a record price under 27 € in CZ stock

Xiaomi a Mijia they have already brought us some interesting gagdets and Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver is definitely one of them. It stands out from the line mainly with its design, which also won an award and certainly with its rich equipment. Coupon price in Czech stock Xiaomi…

This super-cheap screwdriver from Xiaomi has up to 18 bits and a single-digit price

It's one of the laws of approval that the right screwdriver is never at hand. With the Xiaomi Jiuxun 18 in 1 universal socket screwdriver, no assembly or disassembly will surprise you. Very low price This handy screwdriver system brings along with…

Xiaomi with the German brand Wiha bring a quality electric screwdriver

As part of the YouPin crowdfounding platform, Xiaomi is constantly coming up with new products that can often surprise us. The 396th such product is the new Wiha electric screwdriver. Xiaomi has been cooperating with the German company Wiha for a long time and together they brought…




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