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Black Friday: Xiaomi Mijia Smart Desk Lamp 1S has a beautiful design, WiFi and a great coupon in the CZ warehouse

About our qualities us Mijia convinced more than once with its products from the lighting segment. Their newer model of smart table lamp called Xiaomi Mijia Smart Desk Lamp 1S has a beautiful white design, 4 light modes or the possibility of connecting to the application. Excellent…

The practical Yeelight table lamp with a flexible arm is available in the EU stock for only 11 €

Xiaomi Yeelight table lamp with a power of 5W and a clip is a perfect and practical household lamp. It is suitable, for example, for reading books in the evening. Perfectly cheap in European stock The lamp has been on sale for a long time and now receives an excellent price at…

Xiaomi Wireless Portable Mijia a lamp with a 2000 mAh battery is now top cheap

The Chinese Xiaomi chilled one new product after another. At the end of May, we informed you about the new Xiaomi Mijia rechargeable table lamp with built-in battery. This allows it high flexibility, you can carry it without any problems wherever you want.




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