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Xiaomi Celestron astronomical telescope with 70 mm objective after a long time again in CZ stock. We have a new coupon

At the beginning of November 2019, Xiaomi launched crowdfounding, a collection to support the project, the new magnificent Xiaomi Celestron SCTW-70 astronomical telescope. It has excellent observation features, excellent specifications, rich accessories and attractive price. Special coupon in CZ stock Astronomical telescope Xiaomi Celestron SCTW-70 is…

Xiaomi Celestron SCTW-80 telescope with 80 mm lens received a record price of 92 € in Polish stock

The Celestron brand, which is relatively well known in the field of star utensils, also belongs to the Xiaomi Youpin ecosystem. Their better model of the telescope called Celestron SCTW-80 has now got into a great stock offer. The latest coupon in the Polish warehouse Astronomical telescope from the brand Celestron…

What Xiaomi # 5 is doing: Telescope for smartphone, steam iron and smart water purifier

The next week went by like water and after a week's break we are back with a new part of the regular series What Xiaomi is Doing. In addition to introducing 20 "new" products, he also came up with others that we haven't had time to introduce to you yet. Even more…




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