Xiaomi Deerma TJ200 vacuum cleaner has real performance at a low price
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Xiaomi Deerma TJ200 vacuum cleaner has a suction power of up to 18 pa and a new coupon in CZ stock with a price of only 000 €

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  1. Stanislav Čaklovič writes:

    I have it, it hums like a hovercraft, it barely stands on pidikolieskach and the clever fastening of the legs is directly under the hose, so it's completely wrong… the holders on the spare attachment don't hold them properly, if it's completely cleaned, it goes like a cannon, a few minutes, and then the power of less than a third, the cable totally short and came with a Chinese end cap also from the CZ warehouse! The reduction in the package was not… I have a lot of Xiaomi products, but this one totally disappointed…

  2. Matthew writes:

    I haven't tried it yet because of course it came without a Euro adapter

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the adapter can also be bought for € 2 in SK stores or write to Banggood and they will send you the adapter additionally, only it will take longer.

  3. Radoslav writes:

    The vacuum cleaner itself vacuums well, it is strong, it can handle even larger dirt (it was used during remodeling), but the noise is something unreal, I have never heard such a noisy vacuum cleaner in my life. The quality of the wheels is also pofider
    Quite disappointing (I have a lot of things from xiaomi, but as STANISLAV ČAKLOVIČ I also do not recommend this vacuum cleaner)

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