Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T has an incredible power of 8000 pa [COUPONS]
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Almost a record price of 233 € in EU stock! Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T has a record suction power of up to 8000 pa, it arrived in 3 days

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it's shows that there is free delivery to Bulgaria, but when I tried to buy it it says that there is no delivery to Bulgaria>
Please check and let me know if I could buy it and receive it in Bulgaria with delivery
free of charge


Hello, unfortunately, this seller cannot ship to Bulgaria.


I am completely satisfied. The vacuum cleaner ran out on the third day after ordering. It has a high-quality design and is extremely quiet, with standard power you can watch TV just fine. I was a bit disappointed by DHgate because I didn't receive any confirmation email from the order, as if I hadn't even ordered anything, only paid for it. So I'm wondering how I will claim it if it accidentally breaks. Even the seller didn't reply to me when I wrote to him through the application..

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Hello, your order is in your DHgate account under My Orders.


It is currently €236 with a coupon 🙂


Yes, we have such a price in the article..


too bad the coupon no longer works
I would buy it for that price


It works, but they turned off the action there. They will definitely restore it. We will let you know.


Hello, the promotion is active again and the coupon works, the current price is 243 € 🙂 You can shop.


Hello, does the mop probably not have a vibration or pressure function?


Hello, no, this model has a classic passive mop that basically just wipes the dust off the floor.

Daniel Jakubčo

I want to ask how to complain about the xiaomi robot vacuuum S10T vacuum cleaner purchased on DHgate.com 21.2.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX It stopped working. Can it be solved through the xiaomi warranty service in Slovakia?


Hello, probably not via the Xiaomi SK service, as it is not sold here. It is necessary to make a video of the vacuum cleaner error and open a dispute on DHgate. Write us a message on FB or e-mail, send the order number. and if you bought it through us, we'll help with the claim.

Radoslav Stano

Currently, the price is after entering the coupon 272,53 €,
do you think it will still go down?



Yes, there is a regularly reduced price and it should be possible to buy it for under €240. We will let you know as soon as they turn on the promotion again.

Radoslav Stano

thank you 🙂


So just today they put it on sale again for 239 € 🙂 You can shop.

Radoslav Stano

Very satisfied, it arrived after three days and within 10 minutes of unpacking, he had already done everything himself. A great purchase for these pennies, the instructions are in Slovak, the landlady is satisfied 🙂 thank you


Hello, we are very happy! May it serve you for a long time. ♥️


Hello, do you know how he is doing through the doorways?


Hello, like almost every vacuum cleaner, it can handle obstacles up to 2 cm high, if the thresholds are higher, unfortunately it will not pass them.



does the coupon still work?


Hello, yes of course, just enter it in the cart 🙂