Xiaomi Imilab Smart IP Camera has FullHD, 360 ° rotation and low price
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The best-selling Imilab 016 1080p smart home camera in EU stock with two discounts! It also works through Mi Home

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  1. kexo writes:

    That code somehow doesn't work. It tells me that it can only be used for a specific type of product.

  2. David Urminsky writes:

    This coupon only applies to specific products

  3. Ivan Zboril writes:

    The discount code does not work. It tells me that it is only for a specific product, and I apply it to a specific camera, which is listed next to the code.

  4. klm987654321 writes:

    Sorry, we are currently out of coupons.
    Please update the coupon

    1. Editorial writes:

      Try creating a new DHgate account or wait until tomorrow, the coupons should work again.

  5. klm987654321 writes:

    The new coupon has already gone.

  6. good writes:

    The code didn't work for me, so I bought it for around € 31, only it said in red that the code could only be used 100 times….

    Banggood is interesting, this is already 3 products, that if I choose delivery from the CZ warehouse, the goods always come from Germany, while the German warehouse does not even have a choice. Wouldn't they know that the Czech Republic is not Germany? about)))

    1. Editorial writes:

      The Czech warehouse of Banggood is close to the German border, they use DHL for transport. This is incomprehensible, but DHL first takes the package to their central warehouse in Germany and then delivers it from there to Europe.

  7. good writes:

    So, the camera has arrived. The global version works without problems in the Mi Home - EU server application. Quality, functions, everything ok. The only thing they could improve is auto tracking - it works pretty lousy. Even though he caught me as a character, he often makes mistakes when moving and focuses on other objects, the wall and then the camera turns completely to a different side than the object o)))) For those 22-30 €, but it is a good camera for the home to guard or as a baby sitting o)))

  8. aaa writes:

    does not work: This coupon can only be used 30 times.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, We have added a new coupon with a new price to the article.

  9. Miroslav writes:

    Please note that the camera cannot be viewed via a PC.

  10. Matej writes:

    Hello, writes that the coupon can be used max. 100x. Will there be a new coupon?
    Thank you in advance for your answer

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, we have a new code for the Czech warehouse: BGAFFIMI

  11. Tibor writes:

    Hello, the coupon does not work and the current BGFRSE334 does not work

  12. Thomas writes:

    Even the coupon in the article does not work and the link is not to cz sklad…

    1. Editorial writes:

      Unfortunately, it was sold out of the CZ warehouse. We have updated the article with a new coupon from the Chinese warehouse, which is valid on November 22.11nd.

  13. Prorider writes:

    Don't have a current coupon? well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, use this coupon: BGSPM334

  14. Prorider writes:

    I bought the Global version on Banggood but I can't connect it, it still just says "waiting for connection" and doesn't want to either connect or read the QR code. Did anyone have a similar problem?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, do you have a region set for Europe?

  15. Turbiton writes:

    According to comments on the manufacturer's website, this camera is no longer supported in Mi Home, even though it is in the list of supported. When scanning, the wrong QR code is heard and to use the camera it is necessary to use your own imilab home application

  16. David writes:

    Would a new coupon be available?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, we currently have this coupon: BGTYOT363. The price is € 27,34.

  17. Andrei writes:

    Hello, can you advise me how to manage the camera with the phone through the mihome application, it is not possible

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