70mai Dash Cam Pro: The best-selling car camera with 2,7K video
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New coupons in EU stock: 70mai Dash Cam Pro car camera with quality 2,7K video

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  1. Kubo writes:

    Read the customer Q & As people who ordered the camera still did not get it in January because there is a shortage. I ordered in February and after a month and a half it came to me from banggood whether I want a refund or other goods. In this case, you don't have to share it repeatedly on Facebook 🙂

    1. Admin Xiaomi Planet writes:

      We offer the camera repeatedly at discounts and no one has written to us yet that it would not come to him. The seller also states that he has the camera in stock and sends orders within 24 hours. We already see the cameras ordered yesterday as sent. The availability of the camera in stock was also confirmed by our contact in Banggood, with whom we communicate on a daily basis.

  2. Štefan Kočiš writes:

    I can confirm, I ordered 14.5. and I'm waiting for delivery tomorrow.

  3. Janči Pastierik writes:

    Hello..I want to ask about the GPS module..I ordered a camera without it..and I don't know if it is necessary..it's just to warn of getting out of the lanes and getting closer to the car in front of me? Thanks for the info.

  4. Lubo writes:

    Does anyone have video at recorded speed?

  5. Janči Pastierik writes:

    So finally the camera came to me on the second try..but I have a bit of a problem with the recording with the sound, I grab me, it's not clean..do anyone have such a problem?

  6. Stefan writes:

    So far, evil experience through dhgate. I ordered this camera. Coupon isiel to apply in order. The next day the info that the order is canceled. The next day the info that the verification of the payment was unsuccessful and the money will be returned to me within 15 days to the account. Fortunately, the next day the money was returned to the honor. So I tried the order again and that experience. Canceled the next day, info the next day and refund. So I wrote to an online chat, I also wrote a message to support, but no answer. So probably dhgate ended for me.

  7. Emkejx writes:

    Hi, so what did you order from dhgate or rather not? I look from the Polish warehouse for 48e, the price is great. But I have no experience with the site and if they do as in your case that they do not know how to accept payment, I will not even try it.

  8. Peter writes:

    I have a similar experience, but I ordered 3 pieces. One to 1 mail + address. 2 for the second mail + address the same. 3 on the third mail + same address, but no longer sent. The same as a colleague higher that they refused payment and returned the money - 2x.
    So then I gave the synators mail and also his address and preslo. Paid everything from the same card. We need to fool our Chinese comrades a little.

  9. emkejx writes:

    and what about payment security? because personally I prefer paypal to giving some Chinese information about my card, although payments are all sms notified, but still.

  10. emkejx writes:

    15.7.2020/43/56, for two days the coupons on aliexpresso minute foreign prices are already higher. however, dhgate has discounts on without gps but also with gps module XNUMX € or XNUMX €. what is the abbot interested in the offer

  11. emkejx writes:

    I like that people buy it through ali or dh for 40-56e in action and then it supers with us on the base cheerfully camera from 50-70e + gps from 15e. and do not lose the fact that the photos on the base are hung and put in the rating on dhgate all the ladies from Vranov, presova or skalice ?! if you are not unmarried, and give it a 5-7e then someone would buy it, and still some inscription that there is a guarantee. Only you will guarantee it to me.

  12. emkejx writes:

    has anyone pls ordered this camera from banggood or something else from there? I ordered a camera 28.8. was in stock, and should be by 9.9. sent, today is already 11.9. what they wrote off as the 2nd deadline for sending and still did not send the goods, I already received from 14.9. I send and that the goods are not available, which they then claim to be in stock and sell it, I do not understand this move…

  13. Myky writes:

    The price does not match the reality when ordering

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, what do you mean? The coupon is still working.

  14. Yco writes:

    A GPS module is required for ADAS functions. But also for tracing the position of the car directly into the video recording.

  15. Yco writes:

    As I wrote, everyone who has a GPS module connected has a video with coordinates and there is also speed. But you need to play the video either directly from the camera or use more software on your PC to view this information.

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