Amazfit Pace: Ceramic smart watch with GPS at a fantastic price
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Last hours for 36 €: The legendary ceramic Amazfit Pace watch is back! They have WiFi, GPS and memory for music

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Martin Škovran

I have more than 2 years of those hours, I bought them for 67 € per event, I can't give them any prices, but I don't give enough to them for active athletes, I don't recommend them, I'm quite disappointed with them, maybe HW have time but after SW party it was still problem from the beginning and they do not have it even until now, if I walk in the mountains the altar has never shown properly, even more than terribly… large deviations, especially when running in the city, sometimes it completely ruined the whole activity and could not get up, or when running over a water obstacle gps threw me a coordinator across half the planet… during longer activities around 5-8 hours, while viewing statistics it fell completely on the record, the clock restarted and I lost the record… it was terrible when skiing, there was an error, the activity could not be saved even when I turned 10x sk altimeter once went only after a new update, then dumbled again… the strap completely fills the market, the hand is very sweaty in it, it is not even suitable to wear because your skin starts to ignite under the watch and fire, you have totake hands…


cau Martin, I personally have been using them for over three years, processing for that price TOP, the software as you write is not much, sometimes I have lost my activity, and also lately I am annoyed that my watch does not automatically synchronize activity but I have to open application on my mobile and wait until the app does not load the data of the activity… as far as the hangers lasted for about two, two and a half years, then it tore, my hand sweated a little in it but it was nothing terrible, but as you write, for the price one has to deal with these shortcomings, at least one finds out whether these budget watches make sense for the future 🙂


I have them as soon as they came out, for more than 3 years, in action for 130 €. Absolutely no problem. Still the original strap. I wear them daily, I also sleep in them because of the alarm clock. I don't play sports. during it I tracked cycling with them when I wrote inscriptions from boredom on the map. I once tried walking to a hill, so the height worked exactly according to the map. I don't know other sports, I haven't tried. I wanted them mainly for the notification. I work in a noisy factory, so I have a better overview of calls. And when shopping, I see a message without having to squeeze something and look away too much. The battery still holds for 5 days. Great for me. only if they had NFC, but at that time it was just starting….


I'm already waiting for the third week and they haven't arrived yet