Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 are smart heads for radiators [COUPONS]
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Smart heads for radiators Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 from the Xiaomi ecosystem at a promotional price at the Slovak partner

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And the price is ok


Hello, this morning we also added purchase links to the article, our Slovak partner included the products in the offer.


How is it with the control of the heating source / boiler / ? Or is it only for apartment builders? Can these heads work even without internet / cloud /?


They will prove to be classic heads with a digital indicator. For the boiler, look for Xiaomi Heatcold...


So it's better for a proven solution, where it works both locally and in the cloud and for comparable money.


What solution do you have in mind? Tuya?

Peter 2

Hello, regarding the Heatcold thermostat, does it collect heat requirements from several thermostatic heads and spina boilers, or only spina boiler based on the temperature in the room where it is installed? well thank you


Can I connect the head via the xiaomi gateway zigbee 3.0, or do I have to have an aqarahub?


Hello, I am thinking about the gradual installation of a smart home. I quite liked these heads, but I have a question.
If I purchase these heads and the AQARA Hub M2, it will then be possible to connect other devices of other brands to the Hub in the future (of course, I expect that it must support ZigBee). Or will I be forced to buy everything of the same brand, or a different Hub?
Thank you for answer.


Hello, you cannot connect a brand other than Aqara to this hub. They have it closed.


Hello, can I use the Aqara hub to connect the thermal heads to the Xiaomi Mi home system and then use the already purchased xiaomi thermometers, or the window sensor, or do the thermostats only work in the Aqara home with the corresponding aqara products?
Thank you in advance for your reply.


Hello, the heads work through the Aqara Home application, they cannot be added to the Mi Home application.


For Peter 2: no it's useless. It is a thermostat that turns on the boiler, in our case the gas boiler in the house. You can put any thermostatic heads in the rooms, even smart ones, if you don't want to touch, or solve the automation according to the temperature in the room on an external sensor in combination with the heads, you will achieve the result where you are pointing the question... But it will probably be necessary to place the heatcold in the room where you want the highest temperature for it to work. When you get it on one platform, maybe not with the tuya version of heatcold and some tuya heads, it could be set like this... thanks got for Homebridge 😀


It's a shame that it doesn't work with the MiHome application, especially when it's from the Xiaomi ecosystem. It's a bit counterproductive that recently products operating on other bases have been offered here, since there are mostly fans of the Xiaomi brand here, and therefore it is assumed that they prefer the application system connection and solution of this brand. Otherwise, I would go for it right away, because they look great.