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New Xiaomi Products - The latest articles on all new products from Xiaomi.

Viomi Alpha 2 Pro is an unreal robotic vacuum cleaner with sensors around the perimeter and automatic emptying

A very interesting robotic vacuum cleaner with excellent suction power is currently on sale in China…

Xiaomi introduced the mug with its new logo. It is made of stainless steel and appeared on AliExpress

Xiaomi has officially introduced a new product with its new logo. This is a Xiaomi mug from…

The new Xiaomi Mi TV EA 2022 series is here: Beautiful smart TVs almost without frames at perfect prices

Xiaomi has officially introduced a new series of smart TVs called Xiaomi Mi TV EA 2022.…

Special coupon: Xiaomi Mi Gaming Monitor 34 ″ with 144 Hz and 2K resolution at one of the lowest prices in CZ stock

Xiaomi also entered the PC monitor segment in 2019 and introduced its two…

The new premium black Smartmi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 looks amazing and can reduce dust in the home

Xiaomi introduced an elegant household stand fan under the Smartmi brand. However, it is not an ordinary fan.

Xiaomi announces the new Mi TV EA 2022 series with an updated design

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is preparing a new series of smart TVs called Xiaomi Mi do into its portfolio

Xiaomi introduced a limited edition of her own ring during the Mi Fan Festival 2021

Xiaomi has officially introduced a new limited edition ring also in a gift box. It happened…

The new intelligent kitchen scale from Xiaomi Youpin can also measure calories. Weigh to the nearest 0,1 gram

Xiaomi offers partner brand products through the Xiaomi Youpin platform. The new intelligent kitchen scale has recently appeared there…

Xiaomi gives us the first clues about his electric car: It will be a sedan or SUV and this is supposed to be the price

The topic of the first electric car from Xiaomi does not stop. According to the director Xiaomi himself, Lei Juna,…

Xiaomi on Youpine is launching a premium plasma acne remover

Xiaomi in cooperation with the Cosbeauty brand presented another interesting product, which appeared on the page stránke

The new smart toothbrush from Xiaomi has an LED display and a beautiful black design

Xiaomi has introduced its new advanced smart toothbrush. It also offers LED display and black…

Xiaomi presents its own wireless camera with IP 65 certification and a lifespan of up to 90 days

Xiaomi has officially introduced its own security camera. It also has IP 65 certification and integrated…




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