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Latest coupons: 4K drone FIMI X8 SE 2020 with a range of up to 8 km or 3-axis stabilization in the Czech warehouse

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Does xiaomi offer anything comparable to the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom?


I have already ordered the drone (on the recommendation of your site with a discount coupon) for more than a month, and there is no mention of shipping.


At the time of ordering, the shipment was scheduled for 15.5.2020, and after ordering and payment, it is July 10th. Thank you very much….


I just note that the drone was still not even sent. This was probably my last purchase on BG.


DO NOT BUY !!! I have been waiting for more than two months and they are still arguing: in a month…, in two weeks,., Next week…, tomorrow,… and around again. Once is the reason for the corona problem, once is the logistical problem, once is the customs…. IT'S A GENERAL PROBLEM, NOT JUST. But you will not know the truth and all you have to do is wait or cancel the order.


I ordered the drone, I waited 2 and a half months outside of this order, I ordered for more than 50 euros components for the drone that have already arrived, I even paid for the translation of the manual. So I'm missing only the drone. 2 weeks sent to me after five weeks they sent an e-mail that the drone is not in stock and I have the choice to return the money in exchange for another product or wait I chose the link that I will wait. offer.


Seriously where and how I would get to the drone and I don't even insist on your discount anymore.


They allegedly have it in stock here, shipping within 72 hours.


I ordered on April 14 (2 weeks after the show) as a pre-order from a Spanish warehouse, they have not sent it to this day, BG never again.


I ordered and paid on April 14 (2 weeks after the show) as a pre-order from a Spanish warehouse, they have not sent it to this day !!! The latest ones will allegedly send my 22.7., Ie my money has been spinning for more than 3 months… I also ordered a spare battery for about € 70 and I had to pay a duty of € 19! Watch out for this SHOP !!!


I also ordered it on April 3 and the drone was to be shipped from a Spanish warehouse, it didn't arrive until the end of June, so I refunded the money back. as I read on youtube discussions or directly reviews of banggood, so whether from where he ordered from the act, the drone came to him, who from Spain, like me, nothing. I also don't recommend a bunch of drones for me, as you will probably remain disappointed like me.


Is it possible to order this drone really reliably somewhere?


Banggood now has it in stock in China, many orders from the CN warehouse have already been shipped.


After 3 months, it finally came to me, so far more than 6500m in an undisturbed location - when returning 30% of the battery remained - the video is great but you need to use a card with a quick write for 4K - I can not say a wrong word, except for the crazy delivery time from pre-order.


I really have that size of 765 grams, is it steel?


I then fell from a few meters with the Fimi A3 (by the way, it's excellent), unfortunately cut the cable to the gimbal and I can not get it or where to fix it… idea?

arno zill

The new Fimi X8 SE (Model 2020) is not yet in the 12 Mp area. The pictures and the manufacturer offer this on request. You will find at Photos only the 4k resolution and the corresponding 16: 9 carriage cut. The rest of the image format is not particularly eye-catching and is also compliant with a simple solution, even with a tele effect. You can also set up more in the app. Also for photo shoots, the new feature of the film is definitely not recommended.
Banggood is not interested in the fact that a product is not offered here due to its protected properties. The seller is more likely to end his long delivery time with his own problems.

Paľo Haber

Only a complete fool can pay in advance from an eshop like BG !!!!!!
And how come you can't buy SK distribution directly on xiaomiplanet?!?!? This is a nice mess !!! And on that second link, it costs $ 200 more, you kind of DIDN'T NOTICE what,!?!?!?


Hello, this drone cannot be bought in Slovak distribution and we are not a direct seller, we do not have an e-shop. We offer goods from foreign sellers, where you can buy cheaper. Drone prices are still current, coupons are valid, you just need to know how to buy and enter coupons correctly. We have everything explained in our video tutorials.


It would be nice to have a better owners manual for the Navi 2020 application explaining what the various sensitivity settings do


Good day. Don't have a discount coupon available yet? This works, but the price is € 405,39.


Hello, unfortunately the prices change every week according to the change of the EUR / USD exchange rate, this week it is 396,16 €. You probably have clicked on the transport insurance, if you pay with PayPal, you do not have to pay for this insurance.


I wanted to order, but the code doesn't work


Hello, The coupon has expired. We currently have this coupon: BGX8SEA with a price of 303,76 €