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Haylou RS3 sold for 80 €, now for a record 27 €! Beautiful round design, AMOLED display, SpO2 measurement and built-in GPS

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Even for 27 EUR, it's just another piece of electronic waste. The hardware is slow, op. system is ridiculous in 2023, GPS completely inaccurate, unusable and sleep monitoring like Tipmix...


I agree and disagree
– no NFC support for the global version (not available in firmware)
– only English language exists although it can read messages in notifications in other languages ​​like Greek.
- no blood pressure sensor/stress does not work in the app
– some watch faces do not extend to occupy full screen, only one wf you can Install by synchronization with phone to the watch no option for second one. watch face availability is poor.
-no call function no speakers no microphone
– no gyroscope and no compass support

On the other hand it has
-aluminum points
-well made and looks expensive including strap and back plate sensors and amoled screen
– 5atm 50m waterproofing
– very nice looking on my hand
– you have gps
Has oxygen sensor, HR sensor, and acceleration sensor
- supports sleep monitoring

I believe it is value for money, but NFC globally should be enabled in firmware, not only in China.

I do own one thus my review.


Please, how does the mapping of an activity work if the phone is not constantly connected via bluetooth to the phone? In order to save battery, I would not turn on bluetooth on the phone, I would go, for example for hiking and turned on activity recording on the watch. Will the given activity be saved to my phone in the application if I connect the watch to the phone when I get home? well thank you


I will never recommend the Haylou brand. I bought a watch of the given brand through this site, and after a year the manufacturer disabled the software. So I can only look at the watch. The old app does not work, even though the watch is still under warranty for a year. Yes, a new app has been released, but it no longer supports my watch model. So the watch is a year old and unusable, bravo.