Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Review: You'll fall in love with this TV tweak

[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mi TV Stick will enrich your TV with excellent smart functions at a low price

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I bought Fire TV (already my own) as a cheaper alternative. My goal was to start the Tipsport app for starters (not in the store) so that I could watch sports live on the screen and not indirectly via the chromecast. On Fire TV without major problems, using DO can simulate the mouse cursor. A Xiaomi Mi TV Stick? Big disappointment. Break up your internet browser? No, you only have to make do with Downloader. Launch a web application and log in to it? A problem. When switching groups of characters, the keyboard writes characters that I did not enter and also overlaps the entered fields! Download from .apk and install> Problem. Place application on desktop? Failed. Managing desktop icons is non-intuitive. Etc. .. Etc.… The few crowns saved are not worth it. In terms of software, this product is very unfinished. I'm staying with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Hello, how do I install the browser to my Mi TV stick?
Thank you very much


I have been using my Tv Stick for about 4 months now. Great thing, I can take Netflix to chat without having to carry NB. Easy connection of power supply via USB in the TV. If there is no USB in the TV, then the connection via the adapter is to the network. It Android preaches to work normally through a Google account. I highly recommend.


How does KODI work? Can anyone give me info? Somewhere I read that he cuts, elsewhere that he goes well…


Is it true that Horizon Go from UPC does not work on Android TV?


Kodi goes absolutely beautiful no chopping even 30GB movies no problem.




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