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INSTRUCTIONS: This way you can buy from China without VAT and customs even after the application of the new law from July 2021

We have already informed you in several articles about the new amendment to the law, which will enter into force on July 1.7.2021, XNUMX. The conditions for importing goods from third countries are changing, including China, from which we all like to buy. How to still shop without worries?…

[Updated] Year 2021 and purchases from China: How will it work and will the goods really become more expensive?

On May 3.5.2021, 1.7.2021, we updated the article with the latest information we found out about the entire customs clearance process, which will work from July 2021, XNUMX Purchases from China will change slightly in XNUMX. The amendment to the law from the European Union concerns goods whose value does not exceed the price limit…




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