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Xiaomi introduces a new mattress on the Youpin portal that can understand our sleep

The Chinese company Xiaomi brings another new product to the home through its crowdfunding platform Youpin. It is a new mattress that can even understand our sleep. New mattress on the Xiaomi Youpin platform A new product from the 8H brand is focused on quality…

Great tweak: Xiaomi air mattress for car with electric compressor in the package

Xiaomi is also known for producing non-traditional but practical gadgets for various occasions. Now we will introduce accessories that will please especially motorists traveling on longer routes. This is a new inflatable car mattress, which is available in three different…

Smart mattress with active heating? Yes, this is the latest tweak from Xiaomi

Xiaomi brings another interesting product within the e-commerce platform YouPin and crowdfunding. It is an intelligent mattress with heating, which comes from the workshop of the partner brand Chanitex. It offers interesting functions, but also a good price, while it will definitely find its use in every season and…




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