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This is the official launch date of the European Xiaomi Mi Note 10

This week is very rich in news. Every moment new information arrives about the upcoming products. Xiaomi is preparing a big event for November 5 / November, where she will present a new smartphone, smart watch and TV and portable air conditioning. In addition, however,…

Redmi K20 Pro Premium officially introduced! 12 GB RAM, Snapdragon 855 Plus and crazy price

Redmi, a subsidiary of Chinese Xiaomi, today officially unveiled its updated flagship model called the Redmi K20 Pro Premium. This version retains the unique design of the flagship model, but delivers improved, powerful hardware and a stock price. Incredible price The price of the new model Redmi…

The new Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro will be a pretty cannon game. He achieved a record score in AnTuT

If you're watching Xiaomi, you're sure to recognize their Black Shark smartphone game series. The light of the world is to see a new model, an improved version of Black Shark 2 Pro! It will be presented in China tomorrow, July 30.7.2019, 9 at 00:XNUMX our time. It is supposed to have the most powerful processor of today…




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