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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 from 2019 has a 4-core Core i7, Nvidia graphics and the lowest price ever on the market

The Xiaomi notebook portfolio is growing every year. More and more Slovaks and Czechs love Xiaomi laptops and we are not surprised. They offer excellent equipment at affordable prices. These include Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13,3 from last year. Almost € 217…

The only Xiaomi notebook in the global version with support for SK and CZ languages ​​is sold for a fantastic price

Like the Xiaomi smartphones, the brand's laptops have global versions. They are intended for the international market, where Xiaomi is gradually starting to sell them officially. You may know that the manufacturer sells one model officially in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. YOU MUST…

Xiaomi will introduce its thinnest notebook in 3 days. It will weigh only 1,07 kg

While Xiaomi smartphones are constantly coming out, with laptops, the manufacturer doesn't overdo it. And it's good too. On the one hand, their current laptops are still great, and on the other hand, more time is needed to develop a quality laptop. New laptop after a long time…




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