Xiaomi Mijia 16 in 1 screwdriver: Practical screwdriver at a low price
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Xiaomi has a great new one Mijia 16 in 1 screwdriver. It comes with quality workmanship and low price

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How is it charged? Is it on disposable batteries?


I also ordered it. Well, it bothered me why it doesn't have a power button. The next day, as I took a closer look, I found that it was not electric, but an ordinary one that normally needs to be rotated manually. Just that you don't need to pull it out, just turn it back and turn it again. And according to the direction to be set (left or right), the teeth are adjusted so that it does not rotate in the desired direction. Nice thing, anyway, it's not electric, respectively. I found no mention of him being.


What do you want to charge on it? And where do you want to put those batteries? That would just carry a button battery.
Nowhere in the link to the seller does it say that it is an electric screwdriver! Only the author of the article came up with it to sell it better ..


On May 25.5.2020, XNUMX, the article was corrected. In the original text, we stated that it was an electric screwdriver, but this is not the case. It is a classic screwdriver without a motor. We deeply apologize to the readers for the mistake.


Except it's not an electric screwdriver at all