Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite vs Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Xiaomi Mi 9 SE in a fierce duel. Which pays off the most? - Xiaomi Planet
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Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite vs. Xiaomi Mi 9T vs. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE in a hot battle. Which pays the most?

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Quite an interesting review and consent even after looking at the results of the previous vote. Although I do not own any of the 9 series. I have from 8 series 8 Pro EE and complete satisfaction.
Perhaps in the future there will be a comparison:
Mi8 Pro Explorer Edition / Mi9 Explorer Edition


On the contrary, my favorite is the xiaomi Mi 9 Lite and I will write why: I really need to have a high-quality mobile memory card slot (which I have 256 GB), no one gives me so much free storage space for backup and the need to have an infrared port (I often lecture and I don't always have to look for remote controls from data projectors) and I'm also used to a battery of min. 4000mAh. All this has only one of these three and I admit that I waited for this configuration of my mobile for many months. Everyone else always lacked something mentioned. The difference in performance is completely negligible (I do not play games on mobile), otherwise the xiaomi Mi 9 Lite has everything like the other two and has an even better selfi camera and the largest battery.