Xiaomi Mi Portable Vacuum Cleaner has an output of up to 13 pa and a coupon
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Our exclusive coupon: Xiaomi Mi Portable Vacuum Cleaner in the most powerful version with a pull of up to 13 pa!

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  1. Banana writes:

    Hey, Can you get us a new coupon for this? I missed my chance to get it 🙁 or something similar?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, we are sorry, it is already sold out.

  2. Ondra writes:

    Do you have a link and coupon for the Chinese version? Thanks

    1. Editorial writes:

      We currently do not have a link to a reliable seller. It is on Ali, but absurdly overpriced, around €60 + expensive postage.

  3. ONDRO writes:

    Well thank you. No problem, I will continue to monitor availability and price.

  4. Viktor writes:

    Does the EU version you mentioned also have 2 levels of power?? I ordered it through you, it arrived today, but in any case, I only have one level of power "so far" and the device turns off when I press it again... I hope that it will work after charging they weren't thrown away loowe…

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