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Xiaomi brings a new power menu and volume control center to MIUI 12

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  1. Jacob writes:

    Too bad it can't be installed. It says: "Unable to update system application from unofficial source."

  2. Radoslav writes:

    Where is the volume control special for every app that has been announcing miui for almost a year ?! 🙁

    This is just a cosmetic change, but per app volume would finally be good to finish.

  3. Michal writes:

    The application does not work properly for me and I can't even find and uninstall it. At this time, I can't even add or subtract the volume. So now advise what to do.

  4. Susan writes:

    All fine, the look is nice, but I had to uninstall. I didn't see a high volume alert when the headphones were connected, so I couldn't add sound.

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