Xiaomi Router 7000 is a really powerful router with a capacity of 600 devices
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You will buy in action: Xiaomi Router 7000 is a really powerful router for the year 2023, which can connect up to 600 devices

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And what about the range of IP addresses when the IP range is mostly 254 IP addresses?…. Does it have some kind of fast VLAN that gave a new IP range?


6Ghz not supported?


It supports such channels.comment image

Michał Jasiński

Worth noting: The router can call external memory resources to act as a memory, creating a virtual memory. (128-256MB) It's a shame that XIAOMI doesn't respond to technical support. Poťoży pożyrać po angielasku czy nawet chińsku, a brak odzewu i nie wiem gdzie się udać już?. Jakie jest hasło do SAMBA from the usb disk? login: guest ih:- nie działa mi. Czy da się utworzyć hasło do samba z użytkiem i hasłem najadając powiatje?

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But it does not support the 6GHz band, so it will never be fully compatible with wifi 6E and wifi 7. In the Chinese market, they have no reason to sell routers with the 6GHz band yet, because it is not approved in China.