Xiaomi Smartmi Veil: FFP2 protection and the lowest price
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Xiaomi Smartmi drape with PM2.5 filtering is also suitable for sports. After a long time again on sale

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I ordered these masks from Banggood, when ordering it stated that 900 pieces were available, the next day I received an email that due to Spring Festival holiday the goods will be sent to me in 2 weeks. After two weeks, I received an e-mail saying that they did not have the goods and did not even know when they would be stored, so I canceled the order. I don't know how it is in geekbuying, but it seems to me how to mislead customers with the number of available pieces.


And what about 10 hours? How to take care of him? Pratt? Do the ironing? Sterilize with a UV lamp? How many times, if possible, can it be reused?


It can certainly be sterilized. It is a cloth drape so repeated use is a matter of course.


Hi, I want to ask how long it is possible to use one drape and whether it is possible to clean, disinfect it in some way?


It can be disinfected via UV sterilizers, for example. Unfortunately, we did not find information on whether it can be washed.


I'm just saying that nowhere after the link to you is the link mentioned in the description kn95 / ffp2 but only pm2.5 which means that it is just an ordinary dust filter suitable for sports, etc. Although the name is kn95, but if you read the description better, there is a mention of only pm2.5. So this is therefore a misleading contribution to the discount, if I'm not mistaken.


Please don't have any type for UV sterilization?


Dear EDITORIAL, you are writing here a bit distorted information and even misinformation. I learned the following from the Geekbuying e-shop:
1. According to the Geekbuying e-shop, this is a disposable mask.
2. Wearing time of 10 hours is not recommended, but maximum. It can be worn several times or more, but the total period of use should not exceed a total of 10 hours. (Author's note: As this is a protective device, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions, otherwise the manufacturer cannot guarantee the declared protective function).
3. It is not recommended to wash, as the filters could reduce or even lose filtration capacity.
4. It is not a cloth drape. It contains a plastic skeleton, the upper material is made of polyurethane, it contains a spongy material (which logically will probably not be sewn but glued, and it also contains a HEPA filter.
And due to the exhalation membrane, it does not protect the environment, only the wearer himself.


I had it for 2 days and my valve fell out. It's bullshit wasted money