Xiaomi Watch S3 is the first smart watch with HyperOS - Xiaomi Planet

Xiaomi Watch S3 is the first smart watch from Xiaomi with HyperOS. They have a modular design and cost only 100 €!

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Do they have an NFC chip for card payments or did they miss this time? Previous S class models had it


They have, but for China, so it has no telling value for us yet.


and you don't know if they plan to come to us? how does it look with them - because there were no S2s, S3s could come globally, I don't want wear os due to poor durability, this could be an excellent competitor for the price, or an alternative to the amazfit balances (I assume a similar durability for approx. one per charge)


We have no idea, on the global market Xiaomi has a different strategy than in China, apparently there will be only WearOS watches. We can't say.


Typical Xiaomi, as with the previous S2, which remained on the domestic market, eventually the Xiaomi 2 pro came to the global market, but !!!! I don't know why with wear os and I have the feeling that it will be the same here, that we won't see Xiaomi watch S3 on the global market, and if they come, watch 3 pro? And again on wear os? I don't know, but I don't understand Xiaomi's strategies, really strange thinking...


where do you get that they don't come globally? now you know? or just assumptions and assumptions? S1, S1 pro and S1 active arrived late, but we'll see if they arrive in the end


February 25th is the release date of the app?


Watch are already working in the Mi Fitness app. You can connect them, we updated this article, check the newest information.