After many months, again with a coupon: Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 has WiFi and 16 million colors - Xiaomi Planet
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After many months, again with a coupon: Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 has WiFi and 16 million colors

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I wanted to take advantage of the discount, but it doesn't work at this price. The lamp is on offer for 42,50 Euros, as I write within PROMO. Where could be the problem?


I entered a discount coupon in the basket, but a message popped up saying that it is not possible to use a discount coupon for goods marked "PROMO" and "VIP". So I'm wondering if the lamp is "PROMO"? After putting it in the basket, is it marked like that, or is it not? And therefore, whether the discount coupon can be used.


Good day
I bought the lamp, it came, but it's made on a Chinese socket, it doesn't even fit the included adapter, so I can't plug it into electricity, any ideas, or you can't give me a link to the right adapter?


Well, it "pooped" me well. It showed me the price of €39,16, she ordered, paid, and on the order confirmation I suddenly see what I actually paid... a little over €45. The price was based on some €47, but I absolutely do not understand the number of them and when it was changed in the ordering process.


I order there regularly, it hasn't happened to me yet. I didn't even use your coupon because it offered me a price of 39,16 in the app and it was only a little more than with the coupon. The problem is rather that instead of deducting the stock price offered to them, something was added. I know e.g. that in the order I took out the insurance of the consignment for 0.79 €, but in the confirmed e-mail the price for the insurance of the consignment is 0,95 €. I won't deal with it anymore, just the instruction that I have to check the order vs. payment, as the price was still displayed correctly when sending the order, and it was different when moving to paypal, but I did not realize it at all and paid. Well, my lesson.


As long as MI home is not supported in Google home it is a waste for me…. I can't use everything I have in my home with a voice assistant, they even released an update to the cameras so that they can't run firmware that would allow them to connect to Google…. Xiaomi will only focus on the Chinese market, which is quite pathetic as Europa has a substantial part of their profits… Tuya has overtaken xiaomi for miles tomto in this.


Europe does not and has never been their main source of income, China and India were, are, and it looks like they will continue to be their home countries.