Xiaomi brings new scooters Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 and Scooter 4 Lite
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Xiaomi presents the new Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 and Scooter 4 Lite scooters in Europe

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Pythro de

the first is a scooter for a 12-13 year old child, the second for a 55 kg girl
of course, both are so comfortable for the city where there are no curbs, only beautiful mirror (water) smooth asphalt
and even so, it shakes out all the fillings in the teeth and at a 15% step it will die with an 85 kg guy after 3 meters 🙂
just like all the so-called "Alsa-idne" scooters under 350W-500W and under 500-800 €

a scooter for a man and for nice leisure activities (riding along the dyke asphalt cycle path 25-30 km there and 25-30 km back carefree, and it is relatively possible even at a cool 25-30 km/h, when the scooter gives a crazy 50-60 km/h), that's how it starts for some models:
serious and yet not monstrous Vsett9+ (two motors 2x650W/peak 2x900 W; 48V/21 Ah = 1008 Wh battery, quality LG monocells, pneumatic 8,5'' tires, suspension, disc brakes, 29 kg), €1650
and continue through Vsett10+ (two motors 2x1200W/peak 2x1800 W, 60V/28Ah = 1680 Wh battery, high-quality LG monocells, pneumatic 10'' tires, suspension, hydraulic brakes, 39 kg), 2560 €, (I won't even mention Vsett11+ to be sure), or the relatively modest Techlife X7S/X8S (approx. €2)

of course there are also so-called "scooters" with 72V and 42Ah = 3 kWh battery, total power of both motors at peak 6-8 kW, real maximum speed 80-100 km/h, weight 65-70 kg, 12-13 inch wheels...what is brutality of the coarsest grain where a person has to have not only a helmet but also protectors everywhere like on a motorcycle, if it's a Chinese smejd made by Indian children in Bangladesh, it costs 1500 €, if the quality is better, such a hebiedko costs €5