Deerma DX115C mini hand vacuum cleaner with an output of up to 14 pa and a price of 000 €

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Deerma DX115C is a mini handheld vacuum cleaner with an output of up to 14 pa. Now in German stock for only € 000

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Hello, you state that this vacuum cleaner has a suction power of up to 14 Pa .000. 14000 Pa is a vacuum. No flow data to no avail. Power is generally given in W, electric sometimes in VA, and in some countries HPI (horses) is still used. Performance in Pa is nonsense. This could be used instead of vacuum cleaners, vacuum pumps that normally have 90000Pa.

Marián Lisakovský

I bought your product Deerma DX115C vertical vacuum cleaner 600W #black and I am looking for instructions for use in Slovak or Czech language, can you help me?


Hello, this is not our product, we are just writing articles about the products. Unfortunately, there is no SK manual for this vacuum cleaner, but you can use the translator in your phone and translate the manual.