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Back in stock after 9 months, on sale at! Powerful Xiaomi Deerma steam cleaner for all surfaces in the global version for Europe

Do you also want to clean your household a little more thoroughly? The ideal product for implementation may be the new Deerma steam cleaner from Xiaomi. It will rid you of even up to 99,99% of harmful bacteria, it will also remove really eaten dirt and, in addition, it is now at an excellent selling price…

The Deerma DX300 vacuum cleaner has a decent suction power of 15 pa, but it costs only €000 in the EU warehouse

The popular Chinese company Deerma, which also belongs to the wide Xiaomi ecosystem of products, brings its stick vacuum cleaner with the designation Deerma DX300 and a power of up to 15 pa. Considering its equipment, however, it pleasantly surprises with its low selling price. We have a great offer…

Xiaomi Deerma mop with remote sprayer got a low price in the EU warehouse. It costs only €17

The variety of Xiaomi products has no boundaries. In cooperation with the Deerma brand, which you may already know from our articles, they bring their fans various gadgets to the home. But among them is a great Xiaomi Deerma mop, which is very practical. Great price in the EU…

Deerma F628S is an air humidifier with UV sterilization or aroma release. At the SK seller at a promotional price

Deerma is a well-known brand that focuses on interesting household products. Now let's introduce you to one of her great achievements, the Deerma F628S humidifier, which also works as a UV cleaning lamp. New coupon from Slovak seller Deerma F628S humidifier

Deerma DX115C is a mini handheld vacuum cleaner with an output of up to 14 pa. Now in German stock for only € 000

The well-known Deerma company, which belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem, has a practical hand-held vacuum cleaner called Deerma DX115C in its portfolio. It is especially interesting for its very strong suction power, which is up to 14 pa. There are three practical attachments in the package,

Deerma DEM-DT16C is a powerful dehumidifier that can drain 15L of moisture in 24 hours. He has a new coupon in the CZ warehouse

A dehumidifier is an ideal and easy way to achieve the desired humidity in your home and thus get rid of unwanted mold and bacteria. Deerma specializes in the manufacture of these devices. Deerma DEM-DT16C is a dehumidifier with a power of 200 W and…

Xiaomi Deerma VC20 is perhaps the cheapest handheld vacuum cleaner manufacturer. In German stock now for less than € 60

Deerma brings several top home appliances that belong to the ecological chain Xiaomi. You already know a lot, but we haven't written about the ultra light Deerma VC20 handheld vacuum cleaner yet. Great price in German stock A proven global TomTop retailer brings a discount coupon,…

Xiaomi Deerma dehumidifier draws 20L of moisture in 24 hours. In CZ stock for a record 137 €

If you have higher humidity in your home than normal, the dehumidifier will definitely fit. It will also rid you of unwanted fungi and bacteria. Deerma already has experience in the production of such devices. The new Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DT35C dehumidifier has an output of 380 W and…

With this Deerma mop from Xiaomi you can sweep, but also wash the floor at the same time. It has a great price in the CZ warehouse

A new useful household helper has been added to the Xiaomi Youpin ecosystem. For a few small things, you will have a precisely processed mop available for both sweeping and floor washing. Thanks to its low price and versatile use, it becomes very attractive. Available…

Deerma 2 in 1 hair dryer and hand dryer is a new great product from the Xiaomi ecosystem. He has a new coupon in the CZ warehouse

As we are used to at Xiaomi, he can surprise with unexpected technological pieces. The latest is coming to the market with a crazy gadget, and that is a hair dryer that can be turned into a hand dryer. Coupon in CZ in stock Very practical product from Deerma brand




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