Formovie Dice: Portable projector with great equipment [COUPONS]
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Record coupon! Formovie Mini Projector Dice is a top portable FullHD projector with battery, 700 ANSI and 200″ image

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Ordered. I've been looking for a portable projector for a long time and this one looks great, especially since it can also run on a flashlight (so taking it to the garden and projecting it on the wall in the evening will be great). And since it's an official Android TV, it can run netflix and you don't have to deal with some obscure methods such as e.g. with wanbo projectors.

As for the price after conversion to euros when paying by paypal, it is 395E. Which is still an unbeatable price compared to what this projector can do. Only the xiaomi mi smart projector 1st gen. comes close to it, but it has no battery, no autofocus/auto-keystone, and no flashlight, and its price also starts at 500E.

An otherwise excellent and comprehensive review is here:


Hello, can we ask for the order number for checking? Thank you 🙂




And how did you order? PC or mobile? What browser?


PC, MS edge


Hmm the Edge could be a problem. Ord. we do not register in our system. Next time, please order via Chrome.


So I have an update. My projector arrived today, so netflix cannot be officially installed there from play store, but installation from .apk works and in full 1080p quality. The projector itself is small in size, but surprisingly heavy, but that is due to the materials used. The image is clear, so it can be used even in low light. Of course, the darker the better. As for the noise, if you are not sitting directly behind the projector, it is fine, otherwise you can of course hear it in some quiet passages of the film, but it is still nothing terrible.


Greetings and thank you for the experience 🙂 So it came to you very quickly. Hopefully it will serve well.



I remembered the price of €250. Is it the same projector? well thank you



Hello, no, it was an old version with a weaker LED lamp (only 550 ANSI) and a Chinese system. But yes, the price was lower in 2021, which applies to everything, not just electronics (apartments, building materials, food...)