INSTRUCTIONS: This way you can easily connect Slovak and Czech accents in Amazfit GTR and GTR Lite watches - Xiaomi Planet

INSTRUCTIONS: This way you can join Slovak and Czech accents in Amazfit GTR and GTR Lite watches

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  1. Samuel writes:

    Hello, I did everything according to the instructions or. I updated the firmware. Everything went well, only my watch was not set to the Slovak language. Any advice? Well thank you

  2. To give writes:

    Exactly the same thing happened to me, I don't have Slovak in them

  3. towdie writes:

    You are Italian. This guide will only make them display soft accents correctly in notifications. There is probably no language for these watches yet.

  4. Juraj writes:

    It also works on gts

  5. Ľubomír writes:

    Hello, is it possible to change the language to Slovak to amazfit GTS?

    1. Editorial writes:

      It is not possible.

  6. Natália writes:

    What to do if I don't have Italian to choose from in my mobile? Well thank you. (I have a mobile phone Xiaomi Redmi note 9 pro)

  7. Juraj writes:

    But now I can't switch from Italian to Slovak. When I click on the tool icon, all the tools open for me, but only for two to three seconds and I can't switch to Slovak.

  8. Milos writes:

    After the last SW update (FW V1.3.8.02) from July 2021, when the phone is switched to Slovak again, an update will be loaded which will change the settings again and the diacritics will not work :-).

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