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The expected global version of the MIUI 13 superstructure is officially introduced! Optimization in the main role

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  1. Petr writes:

    I think they've been focusing on optimization for a long time, but they kept adding something, so the performance went down with it again, so if it's purely about optimization, it could be all the more beneficial, so maybe it will be that they haven't adjusted the look. I don't mind anything, maybe only some functions could fine-tune and "cooperate" more with the basic android, because it works better than in the superstructure itself and at the same time they would save space and maybe it would be more optimized

  2. Dušan writes:

    They could finally adjust the supercharge charging mode so as not to damage the battery .. for example, that I could choose the charging mode at night and during the day.

  3. Tom writes:

    Who's stopping you from having two chargers? Don't say you won't find a prehistoric one below 1A at home. Have C interchangeable cables for a long time.

    Or buy a very low quality USB-C cable and again, fast charging does not activate.

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