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POCO F2 Pro is official: The flagship killer of 2020 is the cheapest Snapdragon 865 smartphone

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  1. fdsfds writes:

    and what about the redmi k30 for zoom for the EU, it is necessary to take a look at everything, without zoom I am interested in photo photos even though the price is more affordable

  2. Martin writes:

    And NFC? Is there a? I miss that the most in F1

  3. Martin writes:

    Xiaomi will never be Oneplus the real killer of flagships. In addition to the nickname and the sliding camera following the actual pattern (Oneplus 7Pro), don't forget to download the slogan never settle and there will be a copier on the set. There is only one flagship killer with oxygen os of the best superstructure among android phones. Except for copying the characteristics otherwise xiaomi fandim has the best portfolio of smart technology at a reasonable price

  4. Milan writes:

    And where is the 8 g version nowhere to find it

    1. Editorial writes:

      It's not available yet, it will be later.

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